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Lectures and workshops. Tommy Porsli Medicin med spets in Gothenburg

For therapists & medical staff
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Similarities and differences compared to Western medicine.
  • Diagnostic methodology as a valuable complement to Western medicine.
  • In-depth studies in Chinese medicine, e.g. Five phases, Yin-Yang, and the
    holistic "Totus Homo" perspective.
For the public
  • "Crazy Wisdom" - the origins of Eastern and Western philosophy and medicine.
  • A richer life - hands on advises and practical applications, where you create
    health for yourself and others.
  • Subject and focus are decided by me and the group together. Eight (8) attendees
    at a maximum.
You are most welcome to contact me when you or your group has decided a lecture, training session or a workshop. Date, time, cost and place are decided as
soon as the number of attendees is determined (at my workshops: eight attendees
at a maximum).

For further information and booking please contact me, Tommy Porsli:
Cell phone: +46 70 400 11 01