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Infertilitet. Behandling av ofrivillig barnlöshet. Tommy Porsli Medicin med spets i Göteborg

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu (born 571 BC) cescribes in his book Tao Te Ching ("The Book of the Way and of Virtue") our own unique path through life which he calls Tao. Through reflection and tranquility this way leads us in the direction of the foundation and meaning of our existence. The way is intuitive and without selfishness, and it leads to wholeness and union.

"The Crazy Wisdom" reveals itself when we dare to follow Tao. In time the wisdom will come to us when we - without evaluating - have the courage to face joy, grief, pain, longing, fears and amusements.

With age comes hopefully also wisdom not to choose intellectually and politically correct answers and expectations which only creates an illusion of security. More and more we then search for questions without answers and are finding new thoughts opening doors to rooms we did not know existed. Questions and wonder are paths that open the soul, and then, if we are lucky, we will encounter the little child we have forgotten, or have not been confident enough to be together. A child who just want to be together with you, without any demands to performance or merit. Only then will we understand the meaning of Crazy Wisdom.