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TCM Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tommy Porsli Medicin med spets

Traditional Chinese Medicine is well documented and has been clinically applied
for several thousand years and is now used throughout the world. It is recognized
by the WHO as an effective therapeutic method for the treatment of many symptoms
and diseases.

In the treatment, the acupuncture needles affect the flow of nerve impulses, blood, lymph, and synovial fluid. These flows, which in Chinese medicine have the collective name "Qi", are connected to all body parts. Flows of Oi branches into "meridians" that supply our body with energy and vitality. These meridians can be likened to our nervous system but flow in their very own unique system.

When you have an injury, disease or as you get older, blockages develop which will disturb the flow. These blockages can be regulated by acupuncture needles and / or
in combination with herbal medicines.

The relationship between body and soul has always been obvious in Chinese medicine. Our focus is the flow and that also includes mental flows and spiritual awareness.

To treat anxiety, stress and psychosomatic disorders with acupuncture and herbs will therefore be of great therapeutic help, especially in our high performance and constantly connected society.